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Grace Henderson

Secondary Counselor

Varum Deshpande


Camp Inclusion Drama Program

Emma Ellis

Elementary Counselor

 Alex will lead the drama program for campers interested in exploring their artistic side!  

Dallas Rosenthal (Wiles)- Camp Director & Co-founder

Camp Inclusion is a summer day camp for any student with or without a cognitive, social, or physical disability.

At Camp Inclusion, campers participate in many group games and sports such as soccer, kickball, and handball. Campers also participate in art & crafts activities such as tie-dye and painting, as well as developmentally appropriate board games. Games are age appropriate and adapted for all needs.

Camp Inclusion is run primarily by high school and college age students with a desire to study special education. This creates an unmatched social environment that allows students to be themselves and create bonds between other campers and counselors while in a safe, structured environment.

Camp Inclusion offers a 3:1 camper: staff/volunteer ratio at all times. This ensures that all students are sufficiently supervised while creating many social opportunities

Mission:Camp Inclusion is designed to build supportive and inclusive friendships throughout the summer months that carry on throughout the school year. Our mission is to promote independence, and confidence through engaging adapted activities that help each individual reach their full potential.

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Hamin Kim

Secondary Counselor

Where we set the stage for fun!

Alumni Highlights

See what our staff and Alumni are up to today!

Camper Alum. Kevin

Kevin is now employed at Dollar Tree and participating in a variety of activities with his new community.

Camper and Jr. Counselor Alum. Corissa

Corissa is a certified Zumba and LaBlast instructor and continues to impress us with her awesome accomplishments. Catch her during one of her workout sessions!

Arionna Folk

Elementary Counselor

Shannon Wilcox

Camp Director 

Paul Meyer

Secondary Counselor

  AJ Rosenthal - Camp Director & Co-founder


Kellan Clark

Elementary Counselor

Katelyn Preble

Elementary Counselor

Camp Inclusion was started in 2009 by high school graduates AJ Rosenthal and Dallas Wiles with the help of Evan Sanna, and Erin Becker. In 2010 Rosenthal and Wiles continued to build camp into it's current non-profit organization.

Camp Inclusion was featured on Fox 45 and had a write up in the Baltimore Sun.

Camp Inclusion is a certified Maryland youth camp that promotes the acceptance of all students. 

Play Director Alex

Varum Deshpande


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Jillian Rianhard
Secondary Camp Counselor

Meghan Rainey
Secondary Camp Counselor

Joe Watson
Secondary Camp Counselor​

Frankie DiValentin
Secondary Camp Counselor

Alana Dunlop
Secondary Camp Counselor