Camp Inclusion offers a variety of opportunities for students with and without social, developmental, and physical disabilities. Our program is designed to build lasting friendships among the youth in our community that will carry over into the school year. Camp has a variety of different roles for your child or young adult that build leadership skills, social independence, patience and acceptance. Above all else our camp is designed to be a fun meeting place to hang out with friends and enjoy summer! 



  • Student with a diagnosed special need that would benefit from socialization with peers in a supportive


  • Teen to Adult Program- Age 12-21
  • ​Elementary Program- Age 5-11  


Peer Camper 

  • Teen to Adult Program- Age 12-15 years old
  • Elementary Program- Age 5-11 years old 
  • Student without a special need
  • Willing to assist students with special needs as a peer buddy
  • Will participate and remain engaged in all camp activities
  • Peer campers may be considered for volunteer roles upon reaching 16 years of age

Junior Counselor(Skills Program) 

  • Over 21 years of age or post high school certificate/diploma
  • Young adult with a diagnosed special need
  • At least 1 year of camp experience as a camper
  • Meets the following requirements:



​​​Prices Per Week

Teen Program 


$ 300 half day/wk 

(extra $100 for lunch care)

$700 full day/wk

Peer Camper:

$300 half day/wk

(extra $100 for lunch care)

$700 full day/wk

Junior Counselor:

$100 half day

$200 full day

Volunteer: No cost

Elementary Program


$ 300 half day/wk 
(extra $100 for lunch care)

$700 full day/wk

Peer Camper:

$ 300 half day/wk 
(extra $100 for lunch care)

$700 full day/wk

P.O. Box 146 Glenelg, Maryland 21737

We offer AM, PM and full day sessions for elementary ages 5-11 and secondary ages 12-21. 


At this time we are not offering transportation. Parents or guardians must provide their own transportation for their participant, or use a non-camp funded service provider for drop of/pick up. 

 -Displays the ability to be independent
-Has the ability to guide/assist others with camp related tasks
 -Capable of following a basic schedule while being flexible
 -Has the ability to follow job requests from staff members​ 

*Application must be submitted by June 1st


  • ​​​​​Must have at least 1 year of experience at Camp Inclusion as a volunteer
  • High school or college aged young adult without special needs
  • Must complete required training and paperwork prior to the start of camp

           (training will be lead by camp managers)

  • Must be able to lead whole group camp activities while ALWAYS making safety a #1 priority

*Counselor candidates are hired on an as need basis that changes each summer depending on registrations



  • Age 16-21
  • Interested in pursuing education, child care or sports and recreation in the future
  • Must be comfortable working in whole group and small group activities (occasionally working 1:1 with a student depending on need)
  • Works for resume building experience and bettering the inclusive community!